gavin555 -Stable manager
Gavin Biggs

Gavin started playing poker full time in 2008 after quitting his job to chase the dream. Starting off playing $3 18mans and being reasonably successful he changed over to 45 mans where he started getting professional coaching. Again during some time of having successful results he moved over to 180 mans and Turbo MTTs. In recent years Gavin has moved more into the staking side of poker. After Black Friday he built a $2.50 180 man stable into high takes MTT stable along with the help of his staking partners. They enjoyed some of their biggest ships in SCOOPs and Sunday Majors. Now the plan is to recreate that success with Samurai Staking. Gavin has been coached by some of the industry’s top online grinders as well as staked and coached over 50 players himself to date.

chips1234 - 180mans and MTTs low/mid stakes
Karl Curry

Karl from Ireland. Coaching 180mans and MTTs low/mid stakes.

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kimchisama - 180S SPECIALIST
Kimchi Sébastien Deeker

Kim Started playing in 2009 and went pro in 2010 after moving to South America. Started playing the reg speed 180s but went on to transition to turbo 180s, MTTs and 3x turbo satellites. With some nice scores in the book; Big 109 Chop, Bigger 33 and Big 44 win, etc. He still grinds a lot and starts to focus on coaching low stakes 180 grinders that are struggling.

Czpablos - mid/high stakes specialist
Pavel Stříbrný

Czpablos from Czech Republic one of our long standing players is now a Coach. He is playing mid/high stakes and specialises in helping our micro/low stake players improve + move up.

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moy_style - 180's and low MTTs
Moises Rodriguez Abalde

Moises is a player turned coach based in Portugal and teaches players in Portuguese.